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I live in ... and have been learning Wing Chun for the past four months and totally agree with the comments made on your web site. We are a very small class and our Sifu teaches because he enjoys sharing his knowledge of Wing Chun. I have definitely gained confidence, a higher physical fitness and a better understanding of martial arts in general.
I am 35 and have never attempted a martial art before but now wish I had, it is great and I would recommend it to anyone.
Gary B.

I'd just like to say that you have a great site here, and that I look up to Yip Chun very much. I have read many of his books and I find all aspects of Wing Chun very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Dear Si-fu,
Firstly, thank you for taking the time last night to give me such an interesting introduction to Wing Chun. I enjoyed visiting the class, and the fact that so many moves were being practiced as a result of the appraisals was a great way to view different parts of the art.
Toby D.

I would like to say that this is one of the best sites that I've visited.  Although I'm a practitioner of Yin Fu Bagua, I have a great love and appreciation for Wing Chun. This site is very specific. It really gets to the dynamics of wing chun. Keep up the great work. In love, light, law and art.

I enjoyed your site I thought the format and information layout is superb. 


I have read through the site and find it to be one of the most informative and clearly presented site on the net about wing chun. Thank you for imparting the knowledge to all.
Leon V.

Your site is excellent, definitely one of the best sites I've seen that covers Wing Chun; even from a beginner's viewpoint.
Thank you,
Kieran S.

Superb website. Easily the best martial arts site I have ever seen.
Simon R.

I am a student of the ... in the United Kingdom under the instruction of Sifu ...  I would just like to say out of all the web sites I have been to belonging to a club, this is the most user friendly, interesting, and professionally done, I have come across.  In the same way you observe your students skill partly through say, their attitude, I observe that the WCDKA must be a professional club of high standards.  Keep working toward the water flow.
(and maybe consider expanding to Essex, there are a lot of southerners that would appreciate not having to travel to ... for a Wing Chun lesson!)
R. L.

I think you website is well structured and informative. Information is easy to find and I would like you to know that you have done a great job with it...nice one!!!! Gurjinder B.

P.S. Have viewed your Web-Site..................' WOW! '
Edward H.

An excellent web site.

Congratulations for your web page.
It is very complete and helpful for the wing chun visitors.
I'm a Ving Tsun Instructor in Mexico,
I wish G. Master Ip could come to México to give a seminar some day.
Martin Arzate

I just wanted you to all know that I found your site to be most informative and I hope your school has many years of future happiness. 
Thank You

Wing Chun Kung Fu in Cologne/Germany.
Teacher: Holger Klein

I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to watch your lesson last Tuesday evening. I was very impressed by your teaching methods, attitude towards your students and your skills. The group seemed very comfortable and relaxed... Best Regards
Russ E.

Fantastic site!
Mark S.

May I say you site is very good one of the best WCK ones I have seen... Regards 
Andy P.

The website is absolutely great. There's loads of information and that comes as a refreshing change.

In response to articles by WCDKA members in the "students' area" of this site:© WING CHUN CAN HELP: CONFIDENCE.
I have recently become interested in Eastern philosophies due to a non belief in the religions and ideals that have been thrust upon me in life. I was moved when reading the words of Gareth Lavery as he has gained not only an insight into the workings of life but has been able to apply that knowledge. I have read alot about the workings of Wing Chun and Taoism. It rings true of many things but as of such. I have not been able to apply that knowledge to my life. The words that Gareth says make me believe that it is possible to overcome fear and rejection, depression and self doubt through the application of Wing Chun and its surrounding philosophy and psychology, to become not a person intent on enjoying life through someone else's perspective but simply live life. I hope that one day I have can overcome my self doubts and as it appears Gareth has, be at peace.
Anya C

Dave L... here, just a quick note to say "well done" the site does Wing Chun proud.  See you Sunday at the Seminar.  
Cheers Dave

Hi Si-fu
I have been looking at the new web site. Definitely impressive, a very professional job that will impress anyone seeing it.
All the best

Hi there,
I stopped by your site and was very impressed. yours respectfully Richard...

Hello. This is just a quick mail
I have been looking round the net and came across your site... (most impressive, compliments to your web designer).

I am an instructor and I am running my own club by the name of  (NEW... CHINESE MARTIAL ART). My game style is Wing Chun Kung Fu. I want to affiliate my club with you. So please send me the complete information about your Association. I want to join you as soon as possible and I am waiting your reply anxiously.
I shall be very thankful to you for that.
Yours Truly
M...  W... Lahore Pakistan

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would just like to say how much me and my family enjoyed visiting your web site, both the content and presentation made the whole experience enjoyable and informative. It's refreshing to see a martial arts class that takes the whole principle of training both the body and mind seriously.  
Over the last few weeks I've been looking for such a class in the... area for me and my family to attend to develop us both physically and mentally.  I have generally been disappointed in the low standard of classes which seem to be tailored towards the fighting aspects of martial arts rather than embracing the whole principle. I would very much like to know more about the... classes... with a view to joining if possible.
I look forward to hearing from you, L... W...

A reader from the South of England...
I have been looking at your web site and found it the most impressive of the sites dedicated to Wing Chun. I live in the South of England. The only Wing Chun I have been able to find with classes in my area is... but I am having some problems with training because I have developed tennis elbow. Do you think that the problem with my elbows may be due to faulty technique, or could it be that the class I attend is very male-orientated and doesn't really respect the different musculature of the female?  (We have to do masses of press-ups, which usually hurts my arms).  I thought that Wing Chun was supposed to be more suitable for women, as it was developed by a woman. I hope you may have some advice to give me. Best Wishes...

... Thank you very much for your in-depth response to my queries. I found your reply most helpful. I hadn't realised that Qigong is related to Wing Chun; I have a book on Qigong and I am very interested in the philosophy behind it... Please could you send me details of your classes you referred to in...

I am contacting you to express an interest in your organisation. I am the instructor of a... club down here in…and have been teaching just over a year…and have been practising wing chun for four and a half years. In December 199... my previous instructor moved away and as we are not part of any Wing Chun related organisation I find myself with no opportunity to grow as a martial artist. Our version of Wing Chun has slight differences in the forms but from what I have seen is otherwise almost identical to Yip Mans. I am looking to join an organisation in which we can learn authentic wing chun and continue on our amateur basis. I teach for the love of the art and had been approached by the … but it all seemed to be about money and franchises and that does not sit comfortably on my shoulders. I would be interested to talk to you in person but felt it may be more appropriate to email you first. Regards P. G.

I live and study Wing Chun on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. A very close personal friend of mine is emigrating to Britain shortly, and is interested in studying Wing Chun there. He tells me he has always wanted to learn a martial art but has had a couple of unfortunate experiences with teachers who were macho bullsh.. artists rather than martial artists. He is going to be living in London, and I thought perhaps you might have a school or know of a quality one there. If you could provide me with a name, address and contact that would be fantastic.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Andy Queensland, Australia

Dear Sirs
Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is B…B…, and I have been teaching Wing Chun for about a year and a half now.
I shall not go into the reasons here, but suffice to say I have left the academy that I used to train under, and although I still intend to teach Wing Chun, I feel "lost" without a Wing Chun "Family" to belong to, after visiting your web site a couple of times, your open minded and politics-free stance on Wing Chun is quite refreshing. I like the idea of your students coming first, (in my view also, the only way to make your Wing Chun strong).
So is there a place in your organisation for me? I know there are lots of questions to be asked and answered, and if nothing else at least I have got to say hello to a fellow lover of Wing Chun. I look forward to your thoughts. I remain... B…B…

Do you have any classes starting in the United States?
Kevin E. J.

I am 25 and have just started Martial Arts training.  I am very unsatisfied with the club were I am currently training and I am very keen to learn Wing Chun now that i have a greater understanding of the system. Can you recommend a place to learn in London. I would be most grateful if you can help me. M.H...
... I am very interested in what you have said, I am CERTAINLY interested in any news that you have concerning the opening of your London region's branch...

My name is ... I live in Merseyside, i recently visited your web page and saw the "teaching courses" page.  I was wondering about what i should do about...  I have done a small amount of martial arts training, this was primarily in Jeet Kune Do.  However after studying for about two months i left due to being...

Dear Sir / Madam
I am hoping to study Wing Chun in Scotland and trying to find classes in the Inverness or Nairn area. I would welcome any advice you have on starting Wing Chun and any instructors I could make contact with.
Many thanks C. T.

My name is R... F.... I have been studying wing chun for over ten years now under... sifu of Toronto. I have read much about Master Yip Chun and am extremely eager to meet him and learn from him. I presently teach 4 students privately, and am interested in having... I thank you in advance, and look forward to hearing from you...
...Thank you for your response. I will... 
 R... F...
Ontario, Canada

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