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"I am a lot fitter than I used to be. My stress levels are also down and I can be more relaxed about things"
"I feel more confident when I'm out and about"
"I have found that you can use the WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art philosophy not just in combat but also in everyday life to deal with certain situations"
"Based on my experiences I would like to encourage more women to learn the art"
"Before joining WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art I went along to watch one of the training sessions. I was impressed by the fluidity and relaxed nature of the style and class"
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"I have discovered how beneficial WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kuen Kung Fu martial art is as a form of exercise and noticed a distinct improvement in my performance of other activities such as cycling and swimming"
"Training at WCDKA has been and still is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience. Emphasis is on the practical use of WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art as well as a solid consolidation of skill. There is no rush to teach all the techniques in a sloppy manner and no thirst to learn as quickly as possible either. After all we have the rest of our lives"
"During my eight year affiliation with the WCDKA, I have found it to be welcoming, perpetuate a friendly atmosphere whilst training and extremely supportive with respect to learning the system"
"I have found the members of WCDKA to be friendly, sociable and enthusiastic about Wing Chun and coupled with my desire to learn, a suitable training environment is apparent at all times"
"The strict screening policy reassures me that people whom I train with are not malicious and ensures safe training"


You are surfing the United Kingdom Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Martial Art Centre of Excellence. Once invited to become part of our selective group, you may strive to conquer any fear, neutralise stress, acquire physical and intellectual harmony. We administer a safe and relaxed learning environment irrespective of age, gender, size and level of fitness. At WCDKA we focus on the holistic approach to learning. You will learn in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
Boosting your vitality, sleeping well and healing your body doesn't have to mean a radical shift in lifestyle or the lonely and boring interaction between wo/man and machine in a Gymnasium. No special equipments or fancy costumes are required. Just yourself comfortably dressed including footwear of your choice and some spare time.
Learn the undiluted conceptually Yip Man Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art system of 'active' meditation and self-defence. Express yourself within your own ingenuity. Did you know? it is argued that Wing Chun Kuen originated in Mainland China some three centuries ago by a young woman who's name was Yim Wing Chun. She in turn, according to legend inherited her fundamental skills from a 'Shaolin' nun who's name was Ng Muy.
We promote healthy living, self-discipline, motivation, determination and commitment. Our Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art training regime can help you burn excess body fat as an integral part of a well balanced diet sensible selection of foods and an increased awareness for a more active lifestyle.
Neutralise the stress of modern living through (meditation) internal energy training and relaxation. Enjoy the flow and dynamism of its therapeutic movements. Master this ancient yet ever progressing discipline. Essentially, have fun whilst acquiring useful skills. Enjoy being challenged physically and mentally.
Embrace the opportunity to increase self-confidence and release negative energy.
The ability to protect yourself with explosive techniques during hand to hand confrontation in a no-nonsense realistic manner. Although protecting oneself remains a human right, the first rule of true self-defence is to avoid conflict and never deploy your skills indiscriminately. Increased tolerance, self-awareness, assertiveness and the ability to not underestimate others are very important elements for avoiding potentially lethal confrontations.
WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art/Qigong is beneficial to all. It's a great alternative way for socialising whilst improving one's health, vitality and who knows what may happen? It could essentially save one's life. It's smart to be prepared!
WDCKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art system incorporates numerous training methods. One particular technique which fascinates all practitioners is 'Chi-Sau' a dynamic yet subtle exercise which makes learning it unique and challenging both psychologically and physically. This methodical technique combined with meditation is especially popular with members who wish to give particular emphasis on the more gentle side of WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu. Rather than the martial aspect of the system.
Although it must also be emphasised that Chi-Sau remains a competitive integral component of WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art that aims to bridge the gap between learned movements and applied techniques. It's a great way to enhance your general fitness and health. WCDKA Chi-Sau can be described as the ultimate meditative discipline, for it involves close yet safe and controlled interaction with another human being where the mind and body become 'one' as you are constantly involved with the task in hand. Eventually, as the practitioners improve, action and response are performed on a subconscious level.
This web site is dedicated to all our loyal WCDKA members whom through hard work, perseverance and determination have made our association the successful educational establishment it is today. Members' genuine comments may be found throughout these pages and their original writings/experiences being also displayed by clicking > here in PDF format!

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"In my opinion, WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art would be of benefit to people in all walks of life to help relaxation, boost energy and generally improve one's self confidence"
"When l first joined the WCDKA, what impressed me most was the friendliness of the student's"
"Balance, middle path, simplicity, complexity, harmony, internal, external, effectiveness. These are all words I associate with WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art. WCDKA Wing Chun is more than just a form of self-defence or fighting skill. It is challenging both intellectually and physically"
"It is this blend of training techniques that makes WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art so interesting and attainable"
"WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art involves aspects of qigong and meditation alongside relaxation and relatively intense physical exercise"
"For me one of the many benefits of training WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art is that it provides a release from the stresses of everyday life. When training, any problems or outside pressures I have simply drift away as I focus on the task in hand"
"At first I found the training tough as my muscles and limbs were not used to the positioning and stance that was required, but with continued practice I soon discovered the great benefits that WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art has to offer"
"I visited my local leisure centre to look for a Ju-Jitsu class and saw a poster advertising WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art. I remembered Bruce Lee studied this art and so decided that this would be the style I would train. I enrolled on the day of opening back in 1995 and my journey through the WCDKA Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu martial art system had begun"
"Through a mutual understanding and interaction between Si-fu and student a programme of learning is defined to suit the pace an individual wishes to proceed"
"Through training, I have developed self confidence, a good level of fitness and general well being"